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  • 2000 pound axle
  • Made from 3/16 steel and thicker
  • Overall dimensions are 6x13
  • Weight 1500 pounds
  • New 14 tires, 3 with white wheels
  • D.O.T. taillights and side markers
  • Chow Bell
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Tool Box
  • 48x24x24 storage area and wood bin with two (2) side entrance doors
  • Easy lube bearings (2)
  • 12x48 work table (2)
  • Aluminum Fenders
  • Swing away jacks rated at 2000 pounds (3)
  • Lantern Holder
  • Drop down tailgate to store picnic table (30x72)
  • Chrome side and fenders
  • Rear tail lights on fold down tailgate.
  • Trailer made throughout with 3 channel (this include cross members 24 O.C.)
  • 2 coupler with handle requires 2 ball
  • 4 flat wiring harness
  • 1500 pound springs
  • 10 gallon water cooler holder
  • 2 burner Lo-High pressure stove with hose and regulator
  • Easy ash clean out door (4)
  • Fire chambers located at each end of the unit
  • Removable chimneys for more contour fit of grill cover.
  • 3 inch Stainless steel thermometers (2)
  • Wooden handles
  • Cooking area 15 sq. ft. each, total 30 sq. ft.
  • Removable racks (4)
  • Utilizes 3 fuel sources (wood, charcoal, and gas optional)
  • Units cooks independently of each other
  • Most versatile smoker/grill on the market
  • You can cook with direct or indirect heat
  • Lots of storage area
  • Units are cured for 12 hours with oak wood and ready to cook on when delivered
  • 100% American made
  • 2 cooking doors on each side
  • Versatile and efficient enough where you can cook on half of one unit.

Fire Extinguisher, toolbox, chow bell, front swing away jack & spare tire
Overall dimensions 6 ft. by 13 ft.
Split doors, workbench (12 inch by 48 inch), storage and more
Cooking area 30 sq. ft. total (15 sq. ft. each side)
4 removable racks. Optional gas fuel source
Rear view
Cooking area, work area, jack, storage area & easy bearing Lube (center of tire)
Double doors with lead door technology
Double doors with lead door technology
Easy chimney removal for more contour fit of grill cover (not included)
Cooking racks are between 48 and 51 long X over 24 deep (total at least 30 sq. foot)
Overall dimensions 6 ft. X 13 ft.

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TRG-248 Trailer mounted $5495
Click Here for Product Details! TRG-248 is two RG-48 mounted on a trailer.

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