Vertical Grill
Vertical Grill RVS-224
Hand crafted and made in USA
Made of 1/4” thick steel-(towers).
Frame made from 3/16” thick materials.
Dimension are 24”x48”x24” cooking area.
Overall cooking area for both towers is 38 sq.ft or 55x 225 sq in.
Overall dimensions are 24”x90”x52”
Weight is 1600 lbs.
10 removable racks framed out completed with support in middle 3/16” steel and 5/8” round bar.
3” stainless steel thermometer (2)
1” sq. tubing side handle (2)
4” Heavy Duty Hinges
Steel casters rated at 1200 lbs each, (4) swivel.
Reinforce storage area underneath 29” x 24”x 52”
2 smoker stack/chimney with damper.
2 cool handle springs on doors
Heavy Duty door catch Ό” thick, (4)-two on each door.
2-cast iron skillet 12” diameter
2 hi/lo propane burners with hose 10 ft long 3/8”diameter.
2 Dual control works simultaneously or independently of each other.
Heavy Duty manifold made from ½ “Galvanize pipe.
Can be mounted permently or on a trailer.
Heavy Duty Regulator 0-160,000 BTU
Unit holds heat extremely well.
No cold spots
Unit can be used to hang meat as well.
Unit easy to light/start
5 years warranty- does not include paint, casters, thermometers, regulator, and hose.
Movable on concrete.
Racks are 8” apart (approximately)
Easy to add wood chips to simmering skillet/water pan.
The bottom is completely enclosed except for a 6” hole in the bottom for the flame.
The bottom also serves as a heat searing shield for grease and other liquid marinades.

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December 13, 2018
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